Order No. 228.STM

The revolutionary concept of this hot air engine was invented as early as 1816 by the Scottish priest Robert Stirling and is now particularly topical again.
The principle is as ingenious as it is simple: in a sealed cylinder heated on its underside, a piston pushes the enclosed air back and forth between the hot and cold sides. The air expands each time and contracts again, and this is converted into a rotary motion by a working piston and a crankshaft.
The energy source is any heat or cold source that can generate a temperature difference, from open fire to solar energy to otherwise unused heat or cold.
Place this fully functional Stirling engine on a cup of boiling hot coffee (tea or water do the same, of course), give the flywheel a little push to the left, and the frugal machine begins to stomp quietly – for up to an hour!
But that’s not all: Put it on a cold compress or a freezer freezer ice pack and throw the flywheel to the right – it stamps here too, and even longer.

sturdy, die-cut carton
lovingly designed gold print
complete with all accessories,
including laser-cut aluminium sheets,
low-friction plastic axle bearings and
Wire bending parts made of spring steel.
Height 165 mm, width and depth 126 mm each.
Packaging 300 x 210 x 16 mm