Order no. 429.DMS

A steam engine as a cardboard construction kit, which is driven by real boiling steam – can that work out well? But yes, and how!

See for yourself: This model is not only beautiful to look at, it also works beautifully.

The boiler made of corrosion-resistant aluminium has a magnetic pressure relief valve, the fire from 5 tea lights is shielded by a galvanized wire grid and the steam is led through a closed hose and foil system and released outside via a chimney.

The power development remains modest, but so does the safety-relevant boiler pressure.

cut cardboard kit made of sturdy gold-printed cardboard
aluminium sheet, aluminium can with screw cap
wire mesh, spring steel wire
perforated discs made of 1 mm rigid PVC
silicone tube, foil glove, ring magnet
body pane, O-rings, chipboard
foam seal, disposable syringes
Length 30 cm, width 21 cm, height 21 cm.