Order No. 253.KGT

Two lenses connected by a cardboard tube: discover the wonder of the enlarged image!

The great Italian natural scientist Galileo Galilei first pointed his self-made telescope at the sky in 1609. The discoveries he made in the process changed our view of the world from the bottom up.

This very inexpensive kit for a Galilean telescope is easily assembled. The finished telescope has a 6½-fold magnification with an upright image and thus allows, in addition to observations during the day, a view of the shadows of the moon craters (best at half moon) and much more.

Tip: With the inexpensive photo tripod adapter the telescope can be mounted on any standard photo or video tripod. This suppresses the small trembling movements of the hand, and the telescope unfolds its full power.

The Small Galilean Telescope is an ideal project for groups and school classes.

Construction time: 20 minutes.
Packaging: 300 x 210 x 6 mm