Order No. 431.RSL

Key chain torch with red LED for undisturbed night vision. The indispensable tool for all star gazers!

Everybody knows the effect that when you switch on the light at night, you are dazzled at first until your eyes have adjusted to the sudden brightness. If you then switch off the light, it takes quite a while until your eyes have readjusted to the darkness again. The reason for this is the pigment rhodopsin that is produced in the eye when it is dark and that multiplies the sensitivity of the eye. Bright light rapidly breaks down the pigment which reduces the sensitivity of the eyes severely. That is why you feel nearly blind at first when you step from the light into the dark. It takes at least 20 minutes in the dark until the maximum level of rhodopsin is reached and you have gained full night vision.

Red light has no effect on the rhodopsin level in your eyes, so using our Red Sight Lamp for orientation when you are out stargazing will preserve your night vision.

Mini torch with red LED, lithium ion battery, and USB plug for charging

Dimensions: 54 x 24 x 24 mm