Order no. 682.PYV

Everyone at school would have heard that: “a-square plus b-square equals c-square”, and the blackboard said: a2 + b2 = c2. This means: For every right-angled triangle, the square under the longest side (the hypothenuse) is as large as the sum of the squares over the two shorter sides (the cathets). This fundamental theorem from geometry was not discovered by Pythagoras of Samos, but he was probably the first to find proof of it.
The Pythagoras Displacement is a simple and quickly completed kit consisting of a postcard-sized cardboard pocket with a movable tongue inside. When it is moved, the surface of the large square begins to move upwards and flow into the other two squares, creating an intuitive feeling in the user that the matter of equal surface area simply has to be right. Of course, this cardboard mechanics itself is no proof, but it is based on a modification of the known shear proof.

A wonderful little toy for all friends of geometry and a perfect, inexpensive teaching aid for lessons!

Product description:
Handicraft sheet made of sturdy cardboard
4/4-colour print
Detailed instructions
Hobby time: approx. 20 min.