Order No. 245.NSS

The Newtonian reflector telescope with solar filter

For the price of a better shaving mirror you get here a cardboard kit for a fully functional Newtonian mirror telescope with Dobson mount.

The heart of this kit is the main mirror, a spherical precision mirror made of ground and polished glass with 70 mm diameter and 450 mm focal length. Like the secondary mirror, it is also available separately.

Two eyepieces with lenses made of high-quality acrylic glass provide 16x and 30x magnification and allow the view of moon craters and, with careful adjustment of the main mirror, also of Jupiter moons. A solar filter attachment with the BAADER AstroSolarTM solar filter foil as accessory is included for the observation of sunspots.

stable, punched cardboard
2 eyepieces with lenses of acrylic glass
16- and 30x magnification
affectionately arranged design in gold print
Packaging: 300 x 210 x 16 mm