Order no. 991.MBS

This kit contains the complete material for 5 masks for covering mouth and nose (so-called everyday or community masks) as well as detailed instructions for easy assembly. All you need are scissors, ruler, pencil, a small spoon (to draw the wrinkles) and a nail or similar. (to prick the cord holes). The filter fleece is dermatologically and allergologically tested and can be cut to different widths, so it is also suitable for children’s sizes. It is folded into lamellae and can therefore adapt flexibly to any shape of face.

The self-adhesive holders on the sides are made of food-safe foil, the elastic cords ensure good wearing comfort. The special feature of the AstroMedia mask is that it fits well not only over the nose but also on the sides, because pieces of shaped wire are inserted here as well. Thus, it reliably covers mouth and nose and fulfils the desired function of reducing the speed of the respiratory flow or droplet ejection, e.g. when coughing, and visibly supports the awareness of “social distancing” and a mindful treatment of oneself and others.
For reuse, the mask can be heated for 10 minutes at 80°- 90° in an oven – this reliably inactivates viruses.

Complete material for 5 everyday masks:
– Skin-friendly filter fleece, dermatologically and allergologically tested
– Food-safe film elements
– Elastic cord
– Shaped Wire Inserts

What else you need: Scissors, ruler, pencil, a nail and a spoon.
Construction time: about 30 minutes for the first mask and about 10 minutes for all following ones.

Note: Self-made masks (everyday masks) like these are not medical products / protective equipment in the legal sense and should therefore only be used for private use.