Order No. 891.MSU

An hourglass of a special kind: the sand that runs down does not land on a hill, but forms astonishing and mysterious structures.

In a normal hourglass, a flat cone is always formed in the lower glass, on the top of which the sand continuously trickles. If you place the Magnetic Sandaglass on its base, something completely different happens: the sand trickles normally, but it does not form a cone, but a round, hedgehog-shaped structure with spines. Only when you lift the hourglass from its base does the hedgehog collapse and become a cone.

What makes this possible?

The first secret: A small but strong neodymium magnet is embedded in the base of the magnetic hourglass. It obviously has an influence on the sand, which leads to the second secret: the hourglass does not contain glass beads, but a fine cast iron granulate that can be attracted by the magnet.

Size: 150 x 55 x 55 mm