Order No. 232.HGT

Kit for a cardboard replica of the telescope with which modern astronomy began. In 1609, Galileo Galilei perfected the telescope invented in Holland a year earlier and pointed it at the starry sky. His discoveries – craters on the moon, sickle phases on Venus, moons around Jupiter – were a scientific sensation and established a new astronomy that continues to shape our view of the world today.

With this historically accurate cardboard replica, you can experience first-hand the great research achievement of Galileo, which he achieved despite the modest optical performance of this telescope by today’s standards. The size and optical characteristics of the kit are similar to those of the telescopes of that time, and it is based on the only surviving telescope that can be attributed with certainty to Galileo, the oldest telescope in the world: a magnificent leather-covered and gold-embossed copy for Cosimo II de Medici, which is on display in Florence today.

Kit of punched cardboard sheets
4-colour print plus gold
Glass lenses for 12x magnification
Wall and table bracket
Length: 78 cm
Packaging: 300 x 210 x 2 mm

For tripod observations we offer you an inexpensive tripod adapter 258.FSR.