Order No. 600.DDG

The dodecahedron, the most mysterious of the five Platonic bodies, floats weightlessly inside a crystal glass cube. Semi-transparent and formed as if from frozen mist, the astonished observer involuntarily asks himself: How does such a fine drawing get into this massive glass cube weighing almost 400 g?

The dodecahedron has fascinated people for a long time: at least 4,000 years old are the stone balls found in Scotland, into which our ancestors engraved its 12 regular, pentagonal surfaces. Plato, the greatest philosopher of antiquity, described this geometric body for the first time and saw it as the representative of the ether filling the cosmos. Anyone who allows the dodecahedron’s perfect, harmonious beauty to have its effect can immediately comprehend this strong effect.

You can find out more about the Dodecahedron and the other Platonic Bodies at “The 5 Platonic Bodies”.
A noble gift that you would like to keep in your hand.

Precision polished crystal glass with laser engraving
dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 cm
Packed in a noble velvet bag