Order No. 894.GTH

Galileo Galilei did not invent the thermometer, but he did discover the principle according to which it works:
A glass bulb filled with liquid contains floating bodies of the same size but different weight and density, in this case glass spheres. When the liquid heats up, it expands and thus reduces its density. The balls with a higher weight (density) sink downwards. When the liquid cools down, it contracts and its density increases. Now the coloured glass spheres rise up again. The degree labels hanging from the glass spheres reveal the temperature to the observer: the lowest of the spheres floating at the top indicates the temperature of the liquid and thus, albeit with a certain delay, that of the surroundings.

The Galilei thermometer from AstroMedia is a special design and with a measuring range from 18° to 24° C designed for our normal room temperature, which it displays with 1° accuracy. Other Galilei thermometers of this size usually display with only 2° accuracy. An instructive and practical instrument, a beautiful room decoration and a successful gift.

Height: 30 cm
7 coloured glass balls with golden degree plates
Measuring range 18°-24°, in 1° steps
Detailed instructions
Sturdy foam/cardboard packaging
(easily sent by post)
Note: The Galileo thermometer consists of glass with an oil-alcohol mixture sealed in it. For this reason it is not a children’s toy.