Order No. 418.DKR

Would you have known? The mother of all steam engines was a ball, which could turn by steam driven recoil and was invented already in the 1st century A.D. by Hero of Alexandria (see Wikipedia: “Heronsball”). This floating gyro also rotates according to the same principle, and its water impulse drive functions in the same way as it does, for example, in the Knatterboot, the well-known toy: A tea light brings the water in the copper pipe spiral to a boil, the steam expels it at the ends and generates a recoil, condenses again and draws new water into the pipe. This process repeats itself several times per second, as long as the heat is sufficient! It is very nice to look at and an invitation to the imagination to turn the steam gyroscope into a floating rotating lantern or a light buoy with a small paper cylinder, for example.Equipment:Cork disc Ø 80 x 10 mm with pre-drilled holesCopper tube spiral with soft-annealed legsBending tool for the tube ends (tea light not included).

Construction time: only approx.
15 minutesPackaging: 148 x 105 x 10 mm