Order No. 225.TZM

That’s already a little sensation:
A sturdy pocket zoom microscope, no bigger than a cigar, at this price! The computer-calculated 4-lens acrylic glass optic produces a sharp, colour-corrected image and can confidently take on much more expensive instruments. The magnification is infinitely adjustable from 20x to 40x and makes finest textile fibres, screen dots in colour prints and much more visible.
Ideal for your hobby and also for class use at school, especially in combination with our quantity discounts.

Punched cardboard kit, classic AstroMedia* gold design
4 high-quality acrylic glass lenses
transparent stand for the illumination of the object
Size: 2 x 2 x 11,5, extendable up to 15 cm
Packaging: 300 x 210 x 8 mm