Order no. 4960

3x Pilot-Pintor in gold, silver and white

Staedtler’s double-fibre pencils are ideal for painting the pre-printed papyri. Special colours such as white, silver and gold are not available in the colour range of standard fibre-tip pens.

We recommend the gel pencils from Pilot for this purpose. You will receive 3 Pilot Pintor in the colours gold, silver and white at a special price.

Before using the PINTOR for the first time, shake the marker with the cap on it vigorously. It is best to shake the marker about 20 times. Afterwards only pump the ink briefly. Remove the cap and press the tip onto the paper 3-4 times. As soon as the ink flows, you can start.
A small tip: Always store the PINTOR with the tip pointing upwards to prevent too much ink from collecting in the tip or cap.