Order No. 577.NFP

Bring the rainbow into your house!

This extra large prism made of high-quality crown glass projects exhilaratingly beautiful spectral colours into the room.

Hang the prism in front of a window preferably facing southeast or southwest. When the low-lying sun shines through the prism, large lateral spots of spectral colours appear, which you can see particularly well when they fall into shady areas of the room. A slight rotation of the prism makes them dance in an enchanting way.

The English mathematician, physicist and philosopher Isaac Newton (1643-1727) is one of the founders of modern color theory. Prisms like these were quite common at his time as a toy, but he carried out as one of the first experiments with them which then led him to his famous and not uncontroversial theory of colours and white light.

Prism made of K9 crown glass (30 x 30 x 200mm)
stable suspension