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Memory wire motor


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Memory wire motor driven by hot water – kit

The device consists of a closed nitinol wire loop which drives the two wheels by cyclic heating in hot water and cooling in the ambient air.

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The idea for the Heatmobile goes back to Ronald H. Smith, Frederick E. Wang, A. D. Johnson and others. The function is based on the so-called memory effect, which some metal alloys such as Nitinol (alloy of ~50% nickel, ~50% titanium) exhibit. By heat treatment (approx. 600° C) and a corresponding shaping process, a given shape can be imprinted on the material. If a material treated in this way is heated to a characteristic transition temperature (approx. 50° C to 60° C in this application), it spontaneously resumes this imprinted shape: the alloy remembers. Below this temperature, the alloy is plastically deformable. The development of force when assuming the imprinted shape (heating) is considerably greater than the force to be applied in the case of plastic deformation (cooling).

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