Order No. 449.FFT

Thermochromism of liquid crystals is the principle on which the display of these ultra-flat thermometers is based.
The numbers are located on black display fields filled with liquid crystals (LiquidCrystal Displays, LCD for short). These are colored at a precisely defined temperature and thus mark the valid degree. The accuracy is about 1° Celsius, the temperature is displayed within seconds.

The three-part set contains:

1 room thermometer, measuring range 15° to 31°C in steps of 1°. 18 x 130 mm, back self-adhesive.

1 round thermometer, measuring range 14° to 32°C in steps of 2°. Diameter 50 mm, back self-adhesive.
These two thermometers can be easily and inconspicuously attached wherever the temperature is to be measured at a glance, whether in the car, on the room wall, at the window or at the aquarium.

1 fever scanner, measuring range 35° to 40°C in steps of 1°. 18 x 90 mm.
Pressed on the forehead it shows the temperature already after 5 seconds!

Packaging: 135 x 65 x 2 mm