Order No. 914.MCG

This massive glass cube, weighing over 1.3 kg, holds a secret, none less than the Mysterium Cosmographicum of the great astronomer Johannes Kepler.

When the unknown young mathematics teacher published this world model in 1596, it made him one of the most famous astronomers in Europe from one day to the next, because he was able to explain the distances of the planetary orbits in the Copernican planetary system with the help of 5 geometric figures, the so-called Platonic Bodies, as well and precisely as nobody before him. The copperplate engraving from his book belongs to the icons of astronomy history.
The drawing of the interlaced Platonic bodies and the planetary orbits in between inside the cube consists of hundreds of thousands of microscopically small dots which were melted into the glass from the outside with a strong precision laser. The lines, which are only 0.3 mm thin and are particularly clear when illuminated from the side, accurately reproduce the model down to its small internal structures.
This historical and astronomical rarity was produced in a small edition and only for AstroMedia. The unusually large glass cube is an impressive eye-catcher and a valuable, noble gift for every astronomy friend.

Crystal glass cube with laser engraving
Sturdy gift box, weight: 1.300 g
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 80 mm