Order No. 214.KPL

The planetary model from the Mysterium Cosmographicum of 1595: This idea for a plan of the world made Johannes Kepler, the young teacher of mathematics against his will, who would have preferred to become a theologian but then became the greatest astronomer of modern times, suddenly famous in 1596: He connected the five Platonic solids as spacers between the planetary orbits in such a way that their size could be explained with sufficient accuracy according to the state of knowledge at that time. He added the famous copperplate engraving to his book, which still adorns every history of astronomy today.

However, the model has never been built, except for a few exhibits such as the one in the planetarium of the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

Kepler would have been delighted that today, almost 500 years after the publication of his book, a spatial model is available that makes the beauty and harmonious balance of this fascinating idea immediately tangible and vivid. A delicious gift, actually a must for every lover of astronomy.

die-cut cardboard kit
Gold and four-colour printing
extensive notes
Dimensions: 200 x 215 mm. Packaging: 300 x 210 x 2 mm