Order no. 446.FEZ

All-weather ferrocerium alloy detonator.

The metal rod of the fire iron has an amazing property: If you scrape off small metal particles with a sharp object, they ignite immediately in the air and burn as bright, over 3,000° hot sparks.

Thus even the inexperienced master the traditional art, a fire by spark strike witnesses. A little dry scale is enough, e.g. a plucked paper handkerchief.

Originally developed for the Swedish army, Ferrocerium lighters are now standard equipment for survival and outdoor use. They function even in wet conditions and can also be used for night-time signalling with light flashes.

The spark current only occurs if you scrape the metal rod vigorously with a sharp-edged knife back or the enclosed micro saw. It is therefore classified as non-flammable and is therefore not subject to any restrictions, e.g. on air transport.

Bars made from 99.95% pure magnesium as used in flash light bulbs. Chips can be easily scraped off with a knife, they are the ultimate fire igniter, whose 3,000° hot flame even damp material cannot resist. In ingot form, on the other hand, it is as safe as aluminium. The perfect complement to the fire iron, can be threaded on its leather strap with. Sufficient for thousands of ignitions. Complete with strong leather strap, a spark brush and instructions.