Order no. 461.TNL

Takes away the day and gives away the night: This smart combination of solar cell, rechargeable battery and amber LED in an elegant cardboard housing stores sunlight during the day and releases it again at night for orientation.

A perfect night light for the bedroom! What sounds like an ultra-modern invention was invented over 100 years ago by the visionary poet Christian Morgenstern and described as a “day-night lamp” in a poem, but was never realised due to a lack of technical possibilities. A fate, by the way, which the notorious American inventor Gyro Gearloose, known to us as Daniel Düsentrieb, shared with him 50 years later.

Today this dream can be realized: Solar cells darken the day (at least a little bit) and the electricity generated can light up the night (even just a little bit).

A very special kind of handicraft fun, not only for small, but also for big AstroMedia friends!

1 cardboard sheet, 1 sheet of tracing paper
1 solar cell with accumulator, 1 LED on 12 cm cable
1 construction manual, size: 120 x 120 x 85 mm