Dear Readers,

In the German language the word for “understand” of something is a wonderful double word. “Begreiffen” means understanding, but it also says that you have to touch something. All people, especially children and young people, must be able to touch things in order to understand.

In class, the word “to understand” is too often misunderstood with “to listen and to look”. We have the opinion that understanding involves much more than just listening and looking. Understanding means “taking things in your hand”, feeling, gaining experience with the material, doing something with it and thus developing a new, own understanding with as many senses as possible. These are experiences that remain and in which one has discovered, felt and understood something.

All our handicraft materials are based on this principle. Be it the Astro Didactic handicraft sheets, where you can experience how and why something works by assembling it. Or with the many accessories that can be purchased individually or as a set. It should be simple and understandable, the result beautiful and not less functional.

Discover also our numerous and fascinating ideas on the topics Egypt, Greece / Rome, Celts / Germanic peoples, Stone Age and Middle Ages. Teaching material which is well suited for the subjects of art, history and religion.

With our products from Egypt we go one step further. We purchase all our Egyptian products directly from the producer. This enables us to bypass dealers, offer you favourable prices and pay fair prices to our producers.

We wish you much pleasure in discovering our materials.

Best regards,
Olivier Thommen

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